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Learning to drive with our driving school can be fun and a pleasant experience. We are dedicated to Customer Success with a learning syllabus for our pupils that brings out the best in our Customers. Using the most updated Teaching and coaching methods results in a good learning experience for our customers and increases the probability of a 1st time test pass. Read the comments of our customers after they have had lessons with us and passed their test its their words not ours. Driving lessons need to be structured with topics suitable for you and your ability. You should be learning the knowledge and skills to drive safely on different types of road. When you are learning in a calm enviroment you will learn and remember driving skills at a faster rate. Your learning progress should be reviewed and monitored on every lesson use progress sheets and record cards this helps you to keep a track of how well you are doing. We believe that we can help anybody achieve a 1st time test pass with our method and style of teaching and coaching with the backing and support of our customers they can,t be all wrong. Even if you are learning to drive at the moment and not sure of how well you are doing you can join our team of learners and we will put you on the right track for your success.   Customer Reviews  

5 Key Steps to a First time Pass


Be prepared for your driving lessons
Prepare for your driving lessons by Taking 2 hours tuition a week. Aim to pass your Theory test as soon as you can and try not to miss any lessons. Try to set yourself a Goal of when you would like to take your driving test.

Always recap your previous lessons
A Recap at the start of the lesson with your instructor will remind you of how well you did on your last lesson and will help to develop your strengths and work on things that need improving on. This will help you and your instructor to set the goals for your lessons.

Have a clear objective
Setting clear realistic Goals at the start of your lessons will help you to make steady progress on each lesson following the learning to drive syllabus. The objectives at the start of each lesson will structured around your needs which will help you work towards your main aim of passing your driving test.

Fully structured driving lessons
When you start to learn to drive from the beginning your progress is monitored and the lessons are adjusted to suit your needs you will be getting the most out of your time and you will be getting maximum learning which will prepare you well for the day of your driving test.

Summary of your driving lessons
At the end of each lesson a short summary or end of lesson recap will help you to understand the knowledge and skills you practised during the lesson and will help to set the goals for the next lesson. Each lesson should end on a positive note so you leave the car feeling good and looking forward to the next lesson.

To think that all driving instructors or driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.


Don’t just take our word read Customer Reviews to see what customers have to say after taking their driving lessons. Learning to drive should be an enjoyable and straight forward process when following a structured course of lessons.

30% of learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructors before going for driving test.




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